Cristy Doty
I would highly recommend this company they did such a great job I was so impressed thank you so much for cleaning my house it feels wonderful and They also want beyond and above what they were supposed to do. They never complained not once they were such detailed work they put so much love and extra effort into their work once again thank you so much I will Be using your services again :)
Sarah B.
I really value the customer service. They really seem to care, they are on time and just kind in general!
S h
Highly recommend this service, hard working and honest owners who where on time. I also had great customer service and they paid attention to all the details. Thank you again.
Jaime Armistead
My favorite part of a long day at work after having R&J come to my house, is coming home to a spotless, clean house. The employees of R&J House Cleaning are on time (often even a little early), Pat attention to detail, hardworking, and go over and beyond to please their customers. You won’t and can’t go wrong, call them today!
Jeanie Meridith
It has been a joy to come home to a clean house after a long day at work. The house cleaners from R&J House Cleaning and + are efficient, on time, respectful, hardworking, and aim to please their customers. You will not go wrong with having this company clean your home of any size.
Refugio Torres
I highly recommend R&J House Cleaning. There were on time and I loved their service, they cleaned everything that I told them and they did not over charge me like other companies. Thank you R&J House Cleaning
Kerston Register
I had them come clean my house this weekend. The maids were super nice and really efficient. They took the time to really get into all the small places that you normally don't clean. They also managed to get all the dog hair from my three dogs out of the floor. I loved that they cleaned the window seals which I've noticed with other cleaning agencies they missed. They were also on time which was a big plus, I will definitely be using them from now on. If you want a great clean with good service and great prices I would highly recommend them. Thank you so much R&J House Cleaning and + for the amazingly clean house.